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to get icier as the day goes on. be careful. miss virginia takes the crown as 02010 miss america. >> miss virginia! (cheer (cheers) >> she wowed the judges by builting out beyonce listen from dream girls. ap our own gretchen carlson a former miss america was there and rush limbaugh, who was one of the junction. >> the outspoken star of the rush limbaugh show, rush limbaugh. >> how are you doing gretchen? poise, confidence, articulation and she must like herself. >> no doubt. >> on tuesday she'll stop by "fox & friends" and wednesday gretchen will share her one-on-one interview with rush and perhaps gretchen can get more on this, rush dancing to lady gaga. >> whoa, that is rush unplugged. >> poker face was the song from lady gaga. he's moving faster than anybody on the stage there. >> and during a policewomenkey competition they were asked to judge each other on the fist pump. >> that was a dance challenge it wasn't a jersey more challenge. the only moves that we know. >> that's how we dance. >> you may have taught him that move. >> i think he it on the show. he got a sash for that. mr. n
, here is part of an audiotape that he released, quote, america will never dream of security unless we will have it in reality in palestine. god willing our raids on you will continue as long as your support to the israelis will continue. and clayton, i think you brought up an interesting point with this. why so much late, so late in this game that he takes credit for this. >> what struck me as soon as i heard osama bin laden was taking credit, wait a second, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula took credit in yemen and then osama bin laden comes out, what is today, january 24th, 24th. >> almost a month later. almost a month later and now osama bin laden comes out and takes credit for the attack? is this sort after power struggle within al-qaeda? we hear the shifting move of al-qaeda into yemen. is osama bin laden coming out and saying, wait a second, who is in charge. >> this is my operation. this is my operation and i want to reframe it so everyone understands what's happening here. >> coming up we'll give you more details about what abdulmutallab said to investigators, he had ten hours
, on demonizing america, they should maybe tone it down a little bit because that acceptance of extremist views is the first step to becoming a violent extremist. >> that's interesting. jonathan from the international center for the study of radicalization, thank you. >> thank you. >> some have criticized the amount of radical speakers that come to the london universities. we hope to get to that. coming up on the show, does charlie sheen's wife want to salvage her marriage, a channing of heart when it comes to prosecuting him. >> it's medical rewind like you've never seen before. we're looking back at answer tire decade. what are the top medical advances of the last ten years? we're going to count them down next. >>>> welcome back here to "fox & friends," it's time for a special edition of medical rewind, a decade edition, over the last ten years there have been incredible breakthroughs and discoveries in the medical field. here to share some important ones is dr. mark segal. good morning. >> good morning, clayton, how are you. >> let's start by the drug of the decade. tell what it is and why
think it's the made in america element? >> i think that's a part of it. i think that people are really looking to support american companies right now. we try to make as many products in aurora, new york, as we can. >> at some point this had been outsourced to asia. last year we decided this made no sense. this is about mackenzie's child. a 100,000 square foot manufacturing office and this is our show farmhouse. >> this is the table made from soup to nuts, start to finish in aurora, new york. >> this would be almost $2,000 and people buy it. >> they're back ordered, we cannot make them fast enough. >> this beautiful piece runs $240. >> yes. >> that's not inexpensive and yet, people really want this. >> they do. in the down economy, how do you explain people splurging on an item like this? >> i think our customer wants tangible evidence of the hand in our work. they love the fact that that's hand and real people make this stuff. i think a lot of lines that are out in america today, do they very best to to look like they're handmade when if a fact they're not. >> what do you think the ma
america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual fds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. >> welcome back here to "fox & friends." a few minutes after the hour. 43 minutes after the hour receipt now and a story that continues to develop this hour in haiti. at least 15 americans feared dead and fear the entire death toll could be 100,000. a woman found underneath the rubble of a hotel in haiti and the last five days brought terrible suffering for those trapped in tent cities without food or water and our steve harrigan in port-au-prince with some of the survivors. >> there's some hard stories on the mattresses. this girl has lost two fingers and she's been unable to really get treated at the hospital, but perhaps the worst story is over here. this woman lost four of her children inside the initial quake and lost
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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